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At Symbiosis Capital Nidhi Ltd., we assure you to finish your work at right time and we provide unique designs. Our knowledge & Experience allows us to provide you Expert Advice from Beginning to End


Our Dedicated and Experienced team of Consultants and Administrative Staff brings their expertise & Creative Skills together to turn your home Improvement Dreams into Reality


Symbiosis Capital Nidhi Ltd. take Inspiration from the surroundings of the Apartment or House and then really listens to the Client. We are simply here to make that Dream a Reality


Trust is based on action, not words. We have earned Trust through What We Do. Trust is the foundation of our work. Every customer is valuable and no one will be taken for granted.

Welcome to Symbiosis Capital Nidhi Ltd. !

The vision of “SYMBIOSIS CAPITAL NIDHI”is “Public prosperity” by offering financial services to all groups of people and offering equal opportunity to all, to live an improved life by Financial Enablement and empowerment. To carry on the business of all kinds and descriptions as may be permitted to be carried by Nidhi Companies in terms of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made there under and to encourage, afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, savings habits and to render all financial assistance to its members, to receive, accept or collect savings or money from its members of all categories as deposits i.e. Fixed Deposit (F.D), Recurring Deposit (R.D), Monthly Income Scheme (MIS), under various schemes formulated from time to time by the company and to provide Interest or benefit on the Deposits, as is fit for and beneficial to the company and to the members as per the rules & regulation or guideline of Reserve Bank of India(RBI), Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Regulatory Authority on NBFC or NIDHI.

We are trying to establish a milestone for rural members who are seeing the dreams of rolex replica his/her own home, own cars, own business to live a happy life with good wealth. We offer them to join us to share their thoughts with our expert team to provide a lot of feasible solutions within his/her economic status in single roof.

Our services

Our goals to Provide full range of financial services required by the customers, Build an institution which is best in class in all aspects. Provide full range of financial services to the economically active poor to build better lives.